Figure 6.

Validation of differentially spliced exons between placental and other tissues.(a) Correlation of exon inclusion level differences between placental and HBM2.0 tissues estimated by RNA-Seq (x-axis) and by RT-PCR (y-axis). The dots are color-coded based on the placental compartment to which the values for other tissues were compared. The grey line indicates y = x. Two dashed lines indicate the 0.1 inclusion level difference, which was used to select target exons for validation. (b) Significant enrichment of ESRP1 targets among exons that are differentially spliced between amnion and other tissues. The darker and lighter shades indicate the proportions of exons with and without splicing differences (according to RNA-Seq) between amnion and other tissues, respectively. P-value was determined by Fisher's exact test. (c) An example of ESRP1 target exons differentially spliced in amnion. Shown are a wiggle plot of RNA-Seq read coverage for MINK1 (top) and a gel image of RTPCR products (bottom). Exon inclusion level for each tissue is shown on the top of the gel picture. Star mark in gel picture (c) denotes PCR products of unexpected sizes possibly resulting from the usage of cryptic splice sites.

Kim et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:115   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-115
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