Figure 4.

GEDI whole-genome transcriptional status of the samples exposed to different g* and B fields. A 20 × 16 clustering analysis is shown based on the five magnetic experimental conditions (first row panels) and the two mechanical experimental conditions (third row panels) versus the external 1 g control. The panels in the second row have been calculated by extracting the 1 g* panel values (only magnetic effect) from the g* panels immediately above. The vertical colour scale bar indicates the average log2ratio levels of each cluster in the conditions compared to the parallel 1 g control (first and third row) or versus the 1 g* control (second row). The average signal in experimental conditions is slightly higher than the 1 g control (log2ratio equal to 0.03 in the centre of the scale bar) suggesting overall up-regulation. Double up-regulated clusters (with an average log2ratio > 1.03) are saturated to red and those half down-regulated (average log2ratio < -0.97) are saturated to blue. Clusters in between follow a continuous colour scale as indicated. The centre panel indicates the number of probe sets included in each cluster (20 × 16 clusters with an average size of 54 probe sets per pixel) following its own horizontal scale at the bottom. Source GEDI files are available as Additional file 4.

Manzano et al. BMC Genomics 2012 13:105   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-105
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