Figure 1.

Annotation of the C. parapsilosis genome. (A) Mapping of reads to a region of chromosome 2 (Contig005809). In the top panel, the transcribed strand is not identified. Strand-specific libraries shown below easily distinguish between the adjacent genes Cpar2_205910 and Cpar2_205920. Cpar2_205880 is expressed at a higher level than the other genes in the region. It also contains a short intron. (Data is from YPD media at 30°C for both strand-specific and non-specific information, from different experiments). (B) Gene with multiple introns (Cpar2_602860). This is an ortholog of orf19.4193 in C. albicans, which also has 3 introns at equivalent positions. Intronic regions in C. parapsilosis are well defined by an abrupt drop in the coverage abundance. (C) Identification of a novel transcriptional active region (nTAR). Transcribed regions not associated with annotated features were designated as nTARs. One potential example, which is a homolog of the U14 small nucleolar RNA from S. cerevisiae (snR128), is indicated with a bracket.

Guida et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:628   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-628
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