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Nucleotide sequences of C/D box snoRNA genes in different vertebrate species. Boxes C, D, and D' are shown in gray, and sequences of the antisense elements are highlighted in yellow. The G-T complementarity in the antisense elements or terminal stems is indicated in olive. The 5' and 3' terminal complementary regions forming the stem in snoRNAs are shown in blue. Species-specific complementary substitutions in the antisense elements are marked in pink. Pseudogenes are indicated by Ψ. SNORD115 gene clusters are not listed. They have been found only in eutherian mammals and are available in snoRNABase [3] and UCSC Genome Browser. The following genome assemblies were used: human, March 2006, NCBI Build 36.1; mouse, July 2007, NCBI Build 37; rat, November 2004, version 3.4; dog, May 2005, whole genome shotgun assembly v2.0, cow, October 2007, Baylor release Btau_4.0; horse, January 2007, UCSC version equCab1; opossum, January 2006, monDom4; platypus, March 2007, the v5.0.1 draft assembly; chicken, May 2006, galGal3 version 2.1 draft assembly; lizard, February 2007, Broad Institute AnoCar 1.0; frog, August 2005, whole genome shotgun assembly version 4.1; zebrafish, July 2007, Zv7 assembly; fugu, October 2004, v4.0 whole genome shotgun assembly; tetraodon, February 2004, V7 assembly; stickleback, February 2006, v 1.0 draft assembly; medaka, October 2005, v 1.0 draft assembly.

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Makarova and Kramerov BMC Genomics 2011 12:543   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-543