Figure 1.

Distributions of nucleosome positions around transcription start sites (TSSs). (A) Distributions of the central positions of histone H3 around broad and peak promoters. The x-axis shows genomic positions with respect to TSSs (from -5 kb to 5 kb, upper panel; and from -500 bp to 500 bp, lower panel). The central positions of nucleosomes are defined as the positions from -15 bp to 15 bp with respect to the center of the nucleosome. (B) Distributions of nucleosomes containing the histone variant H2A.Z around TSSs (from -5 kb to 5 kb). H2A.Z around TSSs associated with broad promoters are highly enriched, unlike those associated with peak promoters. (C) Distributions of minimum distances from each of the nucleosomes in human resting T cells compared with those in activated T cells. The x-axis shows the minimum distances and the y-axis shows the proportions of nucleosomes with the specified minimum distances. Proportions within every 15 bp were averaged. Minimum distances were calculated for all nucleosomes on the genome (dashed line), for those associated with broad promoters (red line), and for those associated with peak promoters (blue line).

Nozaki et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:416   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-416
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