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Table S1. Output file of all 1,586 SNP markers with 1,300 effects on 31 dairy traits by chromosome (Chr). Chr30 is the X chromosome, and Chr32 indicates markers with unknown chromosome locations. MY, milk yield; FY, fat yield; PY, protein yield; FPC, fat percentage; PPC, protein percentage; SCS, somatic cell score; DPR, daughter pregnancy rate; PL, productive life; SCE, sire calving ease; DCE, daughter calving ease; SSB, sire stillbirth; DSB, daughter stillbirth; NM, net merit; STA, stature; STR, strength; BD, body depth; RW, rump width; DF, dairy form; RA, rump angle; FUA, fore udder attachment; RUH, rear udder height; UD, udder depth; UC, udder cleft; FTP, front teat placement; RTP, rear teat placement; TL, teat length; FA, foot angle; RLS, rear legs (side view); RLR, rear legs (rear view); FL, feet and legs; FS, final score. Columns B and C show UMD 3.0 chromosome and positions, columns D and E show Btau_4.0 chromosome and position, respectively; column G is A1F, A1 allele frequency; column H is MAF, minor allele frequency; columns J to AN are P values (top 100 effects in red); columns AO to CY are t values (those corresponding to top 100 effects for P values in blue); column CZ is N, number of traits for which SNP was among top 100.

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Cole et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:408   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-408