Figure 6.

Types and frequencies of known melon sRNAs. (a) Number of sRNAs with similarity to known sequences in public databases: tRNA = transfer RNA; snoRNA = small nucleolar RNA; LSUrRNA = large subunit of ribosomal RNA; SSUrRNA = small subunit of ribosomal RNA; taRNA = trans-acting-si-RNAs; transposon = transposon sequences; chloroplast = melon chloroplast genome; mitochondrion = melon mitochondrial genome; MNSV = Melon necrotic spot virus genome; WMV = Watermelon mosaic virus genome; miRNA = microRNA. (b) Mapping of small RNAs onto the melon chloroplast genome. X-axis represents genome nucleotide positions. Y-axis represents the number of sRNAs mapped at each position. The chloroplast genome is represented by a horizontal black line (156,018 nt in length) at y = 0, and the 5' ends of sRNAs are represented by points (blue: sense sRNAs, pink: antisense sRNAs). The frequencies of antisense sRNAs are shown as negative numbers. (c) Number of melon sRNAs with similarity to the melon chloroplast genome.

Gonzalez-Ibeas et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:393   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-393
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