Figure 1.

The complete genomes of C. ulcerans 809 and C. ulcerans BR-AD22. (A), Circular representation of the chromosomes from C. ulcerans 809 and C. ulcerans BR-AD22. The circles represent the following features: circle 1, DNA base position; circles 2 and 3, predicted coding sequences transcribed clockwise and anticlockwise, respectively; circle 4, G/C skew [(G-C)/(G+C)] plotted using a 10-kb window; circle 5, G+C content plotted using a 10-kb window. Color code in circles 2 and 3: green, predicted protein-coding regions; red, rRNA or tRNA genes. (B), Distribution of actinobacterial architecture imparting sequences on the leading and lagging strands of the two C. ulcerans chromosomes. The deduced position of the putative dif region is indicated in the linear representation of the chromosomes. The position of the origin of replication (oriC) and the nucleotide sequence of the conserved 28-bp sequence of the dif region are indicated.

Trost et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:383   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-383
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