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Supplementary Figure S4. Semi-qRT-PCR validation of the expressions of select genes found to be differentially expressed in black (iRT) and brown (irT) seed coats by microarray analysis. An asterix (*) represents genes located on Chromosome Gm09 of the soybean Glyma1 genome sequence. Genes and corresponding differentially regulated probe sets: 4CL-L, Gma.7423.2.S1_a_at; 4CL-2, Gma.8472.1.S1_at; CHS4 and CHS5, GmaAffx.42116.1.S1_at; LAR1, GmaAffx.34868.1.A1_at; DFR2, GmaAffx.80720.1.S1_at; ANS2/ANS3, Gma.1163.1.S1_at; UGT78K1, Gma.1002.2.S1_at; UGT78K2, GmaAffx.71999.1.S1_at; OMT-like, Gma.9647.1.S1_at; OMT5, GmaAffx.57777.1.S1_at; GST26, GmaAffx.71212.1.A1_at; GST21, Gma.5139.1.S1_at; MYB50, GmaAffx.81605.1.S1_at; MYB159, GmaAffx.39483.1.A1_at; C2H2 ZF, Gma.17736.1.S1_at; WD40, GmaAffx.45454.1.S1_at; SCOF-1, Gma.235.1.S1_at; AP2, GmaAffx.2469.1.S1_at; EF-hand, Gma.15972.1.A1_at; ProtK, GmaAffx.90491.1.A1_s_at; LRR, GmaAffx.12723.1.A1_at; G4DT, Gma.5621.1.S1_at; PAO1-L, Gma.3745.1.S1_at; Am Oxy, Gma.3745.1.S1_at; PCT, GmaAffx.78720.2.S1_at; PUB22, Gma.4530.1.A1_s_at; 9O12a, Gma.2605.1.S1_at; 9012b, Gma.2605.2.S1_at; Lipase, GmaAffx.90450.1.S1_at.

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Kovinich et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:381   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-381