Figure 4.

Genetic content of the ROH on CFA 26. (a) Annotated elements in the dog genome (CanFam2.0) as well as regions of synteny with H. sapiens and M. musculus are shown. CFA 26:3,008,718-11,914,284 bp maps to two syntenic regions in H. sapiens: Hs 12:121,547,433-133,784,108 bp (S1) and Hs 12:110,448,771-121,498,418 (S2). The end position for S2 is defined relative to the end of the ROH in dog though indeed synteny extends longer. Note that the order of the syntenic regions relative to the dog sequence indicates rearrangements events in the species; also, the different orientation of the sequences, indicated with arrows preceding the chromosome number in the compared species, designates an inversion in the orientation between H. sapiens and C. familiaris for S1. Regions of extended homozygosity for Boxer, English bulldog and French bulldog and the region of ~700 Kb shared in all three are indicated. (b) Averaged observed heterozygosity along CFA 26 in Boxer. Minimum values are shown for three window sizes: 10- and 50-SNPs, CFA 26:8.86 Mb (x); 20-SNPs, CFA 26:10.44 Mb (+).

Quilez et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:339   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-339
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