Figure 4.

Correlation between microarrays and Illumina GA-I sequencing. (A) Comparison of estimated log2ratios from DGE (Y-axis) and the mean of all microarray platforms (X-axis). We consider only genes that were interrogated using all platforms and genes with a mean number of counts across lanes greater than 0. Genes with counts greater than 32 reads (colored red or green) or less than (black) 32 reads in at least one sample are shown. (Red dots) Genes called differentially expressed based on DGE data at an 10% FDR by RankProd. (Green dots) Genes not called as differentially expressed but above 32 counts. (Inset box) Correlation between technologies is higher when considering genes above the 32 count detection level (0.57) than when all genes are included (0.49). (B-C) Concordance at the top (CAT) plots of the different platforms with the 500 top genes from a reference platform, shown for Agilent in (B) and DGE in (C). See inset box for color codes identifying each platforms compared to the remaining platform used as reference. (D) Correlation plots with regression lines between log2ratios of the five high content platforms measurements (Y-axis) and quantitative real time PCR results using SYBR green assays (X-axis), based on measurements for 21 genes at the 6 h time point (see Additional file 2, Table S1).

Llorens et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:326   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-326
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