Figure 2.

Coverage of previously identified E. balteatus developmental genes. (A) Eba-bcd (GenBank accession: HM044914), (B) Eba-cad (FJ387230), (C) Eba-nos (FJ387226), (D) Eba-tor (HM044920), (E) Eba-otd (FJ387225), (F) Eba-hb (FJ387229), (G) Eba-Kr (HM044918), (H) Eba-kni (HM044916), (I) Eba-gt (HM044915), (J) Eba-h (AY645032), (K) Eba-eve (AY645031), (L) Eba-zen (DQ323932), (M) Eba-kkb (HM067828), and (N) Eba-tll (HM044919). Coverage (i.e., number of reads) is shown as function of nucleotide position in cDNA (x-axis; ORF in grey). Coverage in the maternal cDNA pool (0-0.5 hrs) is labeled in red, coverage in the zygotic cDNA pool (3-6 hrs) is labeled in blue. Average coverage is indicated by dotted horizontal lines. Fold-changes in coverage levels from maternal to zygotic pool are given in green (increase) or red (decrease) numbers. A listing of coverage values detailing ORF and UTR is given in Additional file 2. Scale bars (top right of panel) are 500 nt.

Lemke et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:278   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-278
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