Figure 6.

Knock-down of BAHD1 with an siRNA cocktail. (Panel A) Composite plot summarising the enrichment scoring of all possible hexameric queries given the BAHD1 siRNA transfected differential expression profile (as described in the main text). As before, the query sequence is indicated by a red line and in this instance is also observed as the highest scoring hexamer. The x- and y-axes represent bin number and enrichment score, respectively. The most significant score that can be attributed to any of the siRNA transfection pool is GAACTA which is a complementary match of the 5' end of the negative strand of siRNA BAHD1_1 and indicative of off-target interference by the this strand. (Panel B) This plot summarises the enrichment profile of the highest scoring hexamer (as highlighted in red in the composite plot of Panel A) within the differential expression profile of the BAHD1 siRNA transfection dataset. SBSE analysis estimates the GAACTA motif to be enriched in the down-regulated and by inference is acting in a miRNA-like repressive manner. Both i* and j* (see methods for detailed definitions of both symbols) are indicated on the upper-most and rightmost plots, respectively.

Wilson and Plucinski BMC Genomics 2011 12:250   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-250
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