Table 2

Accession numbers of 16S rDNA sequences of Clostridium species used for generating phylogenetic framework ( webcite and webcite)


Reference sequence(s)

Clostridium acetobutylicum

U16166(T)a, AE001437(T), FM994940, X68182, X81021

C. baratii

X68174(T), AB240209, AY341241

C. beijerinckii

X68179(T), CP000721 (S000891541)b, CP000721 (S000891538)

C. botulinum

L37585(T), X73442(T), EF030542, L37591, CP001056, X73844, FN552457, X68171, X68317, CP001083

C. butyricum

AJ458420(T), FJ424480, AY540108

C. chauvoei

U51843(T), EU106372

C. colicanis

AJ420008(T), FJ957869

C. kluyveri

CP000673(T) (S000891496), CP000673(T) (S000891490)

C. novyi

AB045606(T), CP000382 (S000750038), CP000382 (S000750032), CP000382 (S000750044)

C. pasteurianum

EF656615, AB536773, EF140980

C. perfringens

CP000246(T), DQ196140, AM889033, AM889032, DQ196137, DQ196132, DQ196136, Y12669, AM889034, FJ215350

C. sardiniense

AB161367(T), AB161368, AB161369

C. sporogenes

X68189(T), DQ680019

C. subterminale

AF241844(T), EU857637

C. tetani

X74770(T), DQ978212


56 strains

aType strain

bNCBI sequence entries with multiple accession numbers in RDP data bases have been mentioned within the parentheses

Kalia et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:18   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-18

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