Figure 10.

Phylogenetic tree of 16S rDNA of rest Clostridium sp. and Framework sequences. A neighbor - joining analysis with Jukes-Cantor correction and bootstrap support was performed on the rrs sequences of Clostridium sp. - 46 (the different that isolates could be segregated as C. tetani - 7, C. baratii - 5, C. chauvoei and C. pasteurianum - 4 each, C. kluyveri - 3, C. perfringens - 1, C. acetobutylicum/C. beijerinckii - 13 and C. botulinum/C. novyi/C. sporogenes - 9) along with 56 of phylogenetic framework (Figure 1). Bootstrap values are given at nodes. Sequences marked by filled square are the ones considered as framework in the study whereas type strains are indicated by 'T' as superscript. Values in parentheses are accession numbers (RDP and NCBI) ( webcite and webcite). Note: Out of a total of 95 Clostridium sp. rrs sequences, 46 have been presented here to achieve clarity of presentation and are shown in red. The first 49 rrs sequences have been presented in Figure 9.

Kalia et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:18   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-18
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