Figure 4.

Expression profiling of miR-3099 novel miRNA in E11.5-E15.5 whole embryos and the E17.5 whole brain. In situ hybridisation analysis using LNA probes for miR-scrambled and miR-3099 was performed on E11.5-E15.5 developing embryos and E17.5 whole brain paraffin sections. Strong expression of miR-3099 was detected in the E11.5 embryo. From E13.5 onwards, the expression was retained only in the neuroepithelium (NE) or cerebral cortex (CC). Under high magnification, miR-3099 was found to express specifically in the preplate (PP) of telencephalon (tel) (E11.5), cortical plate (CP) of the CC (E13.5-E17.5) and the germinal layer of mesencephalon (mes) (E11.5-E13.5). Aq = aqueduct, CB = cerebellum, Cp = caudo-putamen, dien = diencephalon, Hpf = hippocampal formation, IC = inferior colliculus, IZ = intermediate zone, LV = lateral ventricle, met = metencephalon, Mo = molecular layer, MPall = medial pallium (hippocampal allocortex), MZ = marginal zone, PIR = piriform cortex, SC = superior colliculus, SP = subplate, Str = striatum, SVZ = subventricular zone, V = ventricle.

Ling et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:176   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-176
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