Figure 3.

Putative model of the insertion and duplication of an ICE copy in Mmc 95010 genome. This figure describes the events that may have led to the presence of two ICE copies in the Mmc 95010 genome. A first ICE copy may have been acquired from a donor cell by conjugation, with the subsequent insertion in CDS A (MLC_2290). This insertion led to the disruption of CDS A resulting in fragments (A1 and A2) and the creation of a small Direct Repeat at the extremities of the ICE (DR). The ICE duplicated and inserted elsewhere in the genome, disrupting another CDS (CDS B, MLC_2070) and creating two additional direct repeats. Recombination between the two ICE copies then lead to the inversion of the DNA fragment located between them. The presence and the site of insertion of ICE copies in Mmc is strain specific. This was shown by PCR amplification with two primers chosen on either side of the ICE Mmc95010-1a integration site (primers VIP-F and VIP-R). In four Mmc strains, this PCR amplified the expected fragment, an indication that there was no ICE copy inserted at this site (see table 2).

Thiaucourt et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:114   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-114
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