Additional file 8.

Cucurbita SNPs and INDELs. The file provides the list of SNPs and INDELs (SNVs) identified from the Cucurbita unigene dataset, their position, the nucleotide change (or I or D for insertion and deletion in INDELs), the quality of the polymorphic base, and additional information about allele number and frequency. The different filters applied for the in silico selection of the SNVs are also indicated: VKS (is not an SNPs, is an INDEL), HVR4 (SNV is in a region with more than 4 SNVs per 100 bp), CS60 (SNV is closer than 60 bp to another SNV), I60 (SNV is located closer than 60 bp to an intron), CL60 (SNV is closer than 60 bp to the sequence end), NVSM1 (SNV is variable within UPV196, or not sequenced in this genotype), NVSM2 (SNV is variable within MU16, or not sequenced in this genotype), CEF (SNV does not alter a restriction target and cannot be detected as a CAPS). The VCF (Variant Call Format) version 4.0 has been used for this file [108].

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Blanca et al. BMC Genomics 2011 12:104   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-12-104