Figure 1.

Collinearity between wheat chromosome 3B, barley chromosome 3 H and rice chromosome 1. Each colour on wheat chromosome 3B corresponds to a deletion bin. Yellow: 3BS8-0.78-1.00; light green: 3BS9-0.57-0.78; pink: 3BS1-0.33-0.57; red: C-3BS1-0.33; orange: C-3BL2-0.22; purple: 3BL2-0.22-0.50; dark green: 3BL10-0.50-0.63 and brown: 3BL7-0.63-1.00. The black segments correspond to the heterochromatic regions identified by C-banding, the coloured segments to the euchromatic regions and the circle to the centromere. The coloured blocks represent regions where the genes are collinear between two chromosomes. The lines represent the genes that are not collinear between two chromosomes. As the relative order of wheat genes in a given deletion bin is not known, we inferred this order from the barley chromosome 3 H and from rice chromosome 1 data.

Rustenholz et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:714   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-714
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