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Nucleotide diversity maps reveal variation in diversity among wheat genomes and chromosomes

Eduard D Akhunov, Alina R Akhunova, Olin D Anderson, James A Anderson, Nancy Blake, Michael T Clegg, Devin Coleman-Derr, Emily J Conley, Curt C Crossman, Karin R Deal, Jorge Dubcovsky, Bikram S Gill, Yong Q Gu, Jakub Hadam, Hwayoung Heo, Naxin Huo, Gerard R Lazo, Ming-Cheng Luo, Yaqin Q Ma, David E Matthews, Patrick E McGuire, Peter L Morrell, Calvin O Qualset, James Renfro, Dindo Tabanao, Luther E Talbert, Chao Tian, Donna M Toleno, Marilyn L Warburton, Frank M You, Wenjun Zhang and Jan Dvorak*

BMC Genomics 2010, 11:702  doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-702