Figure 9.

TR4 and ELK4 bind to common target genes. (A) ChIP-seq signal track of TR4 and ELK4 enrichment at common and unique target sites in HeLa cells. TAF1A promoter region is bound by TR4 only; C-FOS promoter region is occupied by ELK4 only, while EXOC2, SNRPE and VPS72 gene promoters are occupied by TR4 and ELK4. Number of sequence tags representing enrichment is plotted on the y axis. (B) ChIP validation of TR4 and ELK4 binding sites using qPCR. Relative enrichment was calculated over input DNA and plotted on the y axis. Each data point represents the average of triplicate ChIP experiments. Rabbit IgG was used as a non-specific control ChIP. Promoter regions tested for ChIP enrichment are shown on the x axis. The C-FOS promoter region is used as a positive control for ELK4 binding, CDH1 and CDH10 promoter regions were used as negative control regions for both, TR4 and ELK4 binding.

O'Geen et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:689   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-689
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