Figure 3.

(A) Venn diagram of presence flags for the three platforms (A = IHC, B = IF, C = RNA-seq). 60.1% of all genes investigated are present in all platforms. Only 34 genes (1.2%) are absent in all platforms. (B) Cumulative transcription density curves for the categories where RNA-sequencing data are available (C, AB, BC, ABC). A left-shifted curve contains a larger fraction of low transcribed genes. The category C (blue line) (RNA-seq only) contains genes with lower transcription than the full HPA subset (solid black line) (KS-test, one-sided, p = 3.8 × 10-7). Also, genes in BC (green line) (RNA-seq positive, IF positive, IHC negative) have generally a lower level of transcription than the HPA subset (KS-test, one-sided, p = 4 × 10-5). This is likely due to a higher sensitivity in IF than IHC. Interestingly, genes in the HPA subset display generally higher transcription levels (KS-test, one-sided, p < 2.2 × 10-16) than all protein coding genes (dashed black line).

Klevebring et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:684   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-684
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