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Bioinformatic analysis of ESTs collected by Sanger and pyrosequencing methods for a keystone forest tree species: oak

Saneyoshi Ueno, Grégoire Le Provost, Valérie Léger, Christophe Klopp, Céline Noirot, Jean-Marc Frigerio, Franck Salin, Jérôme Salse, Michael Abrouk, Florent Murat, Oliver Brendel, Jérémy Derory, Pierre Abadie, Patrick Léger, Cyril Cabane, Aurélien Barré, Antoine de Daruvar, Arnaud Couloux, Patrick Wincker, Marie-Pierre Reviron, Antoine Kremer and Christophe Plomion*

BMC Genomics 2010, 11:650  doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-650

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