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Conservation and SSCP polymorphisms of duplicate F3'5'Hs in the family Vitaceae. PCR amplicons were obtained from genomic DNA using copy-specific primers. DNA samples included the ornamental grapevines Virginia creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia, native to Northeastern-America, and the porcelain berry Ampelopsis brevipedunculata, native to temperate areas of Asia (segment A), wild grapevines (segment B) including the 2n = 40 Muscadinia rotundifolia, two North American species V. riparia and V. candicans, two Asian species V. armata and V. romanetii, and a spontaneous ecotype of V. vinifera ssp sylvestris collected in woods of Northeastern Italy; red-skinned cultivars of the domesticated V. vinifera ssp sativa (segment C); white-skinned cultivars (Pinot bud sports with mutations for skin colour are shown beside Pinot blanc) and the nearly-homozygous line PN40024 (segment D). PCR amplicons were run in agarose gel (section a) and in denaturing gel for detecting single-strand conformational polymorphisms (section b). Among F3'5'Hs, the isolated gene copies F3'5'Hp, -o, -m, and -n showed the lowest levels of conformational polymorphisms, while segmentally duplicated F3'5'Hs were more variable across taxa.

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Falginella et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:562   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-562