Figure 3.

Peroxidase expression profile during flower and silique development at the gene level. (A). Macroarrays of flowers and siliques various stages (A). In the first column expression levels of each gene are represented as a ratio to the expression level of histone constitutively expressed gene (n = 3). In other columns, expression of peroxidase genes is represented as a ratio to their own expression level in F1 stage in log scale (A). Venn diagram illustrating the number of class III peroxidase genes up- (top and bold number) or down- (bottom number) regulated during various development stages when compared to F1 stage in A. thaliana (B-D) (F1 = stage 1-12, F2 = stage 13-14, F3 = stage 15-16, S1 = stage 17, S2 = stage 18). Only genes showing a differential expression of at least 1.3 up or 0.7 down and a significant Student t-test score (p < 0.05) were included in Venn diagrams (B-D).

Cosio and Dunand BMC Genomics 2010 11:528   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-528
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