Figure 4.

Analyses of γ-PGA production genes for soybean fermentation. We confirmed the two nucleotide changes in regions related to γ-PGA production. In the 168 strain, incapable of producing γ-PGA, a single nucleotide is substituted from cytosine to thymine in the promoter region of degQ and a single adenine is inserted into the coding region of swrAA. These two nucleotide substitutions from 168 strain are specifically present in the natto BEST195 genome. (Left) Alignment between the swrAA coding region of natto BEST195 and Marburg 168. The box indicates a single adenine nucleotide insertion position. The pair " [->" and "<-]" indicates the region of the first pseudogene annotation, the pair " [= >" and "< = ]" indicates the region of the second pseudogene annotation in 168 strain, and the pair " [+>" and "<+]" indicates the ORF of swrAA coding region in natto BEST195. (Right) Alignment of the degQ promoter regions from strains BEST195 and 168. The box indicates the thymine-to-cytosine nucleotide substitution, "[->" indicates the transcription start site, and "[= >" denotes the translation start codon ATG.

Nishito et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:243   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-243
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