Figure 4.

Detection of SLC17A9 mRNA in the coronal sections of the mouse brain by fluorescent insitu hybridisation of Slc17a9 antisense probe: A- F represents the magnified images of the cortex, hippocampus thalamus and the hypothalamus. Scale bar: A-1 mm, B & C-0.7 mm, D, E & F-0.5 mm. 3v - third ventricle, ARC - arcuate nucleus, Aq - aqueduct, CA1 - field CA1, D3v - third ventricle, dorsal part, DG - dentate gyrus, DMH - dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus, GrDG, dentate gyrus, granular layer, LDDM - lateral dorsal nucleus of the thalamus, dorsomedial part, LEnt - entorhinal area, lateral part, LH - lateral hypothalamic area, LHb - lateral habenular nucleus, LM - lateral mammillary nucleus, LPtA - lateral parietal association cortex, MHb - medial habenular nucleus, MM - medial mammillary nucleus, Mol - molecular layer of the dentate gyrus, MPtA - medial parietal association cortex, PAG - periaqueductal gray, Pe - periventricular nucleus, PoDG - dentate gyrus, polymorph layer, PRh - perirhinal cortex, PrS - presubiculum, PV - paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus, RSA - rostrosplenial agranular cortex, RSG - retrosplenial granular cortex, S - subiculum, SNR - substantia nigra, TeA - temporal association cortex, V1 - primary visual cortex, V2M - secondary visual cortex, medial, VMH - ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus, VTA - ventral tegmental area. Scale bar: A-1 mm, B & C-0.7 mm, D, E & F-0.5 mm

Sreedharan et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:17   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-17
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