Figure 1.

Schematic representation of the ISSH method. The cDNA pool of the species of interest, whose fast evolving transcripts are to be isolated, is called the "probed" while the mRNA pool of the species used as a template is called the "selector". Thick lines, probed transcripts; thin lines, selector mRNAs; small black dot, biotin; small opened or dashed bars at the donor transcript ends, tails of the short-tailed random primers A and B; grey ball, magnetic beads coated with streptavidin; magnet shape, magnetic separator; grey bars at the ends of short-tailed random primers, double strand adapters; arrows, PCR primers. Fast evolving transcripts which are isolated with the ISSH method are shown at the bottom of the chart.

Montoya-Burgos et al. BMC Genomics 2010 11:126   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-11-126
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