Figure 2.

View of RNA-Seq data using the Artemis genome browser. This region of the 10403S chromosome includes six coding genes, i.e. LMRG_02429 to LMRG_02435, and the 5' end of LMRG_02436; genes are represented as blue arrows. The top part of the figure shows normalized RNA-Seq coverage (i.e. the number of reads that match an annotated gene after normalization across runs) with red and blue lines representing the two 10403S replicates and the green and black lines representing the ΔsigB strain. The horizontal line indicates a normalized RNA-Seq coverage of 49.16 reads. The middle part of the figure shows the three positive frames of translation with the coding regions and vertical black bars representing stop codons. The last line shows putative operons (white bars), a terminator (purple bar) downstream of LMRG_02430 and the chromosome coordinates. Notice the difference in coverage between LMRG_02431 (downstream of the terminator) and the other genes. All genes in the figure have sequencibility of 100% (See Additional file 1: Sequencibility text file for a complete sequencibility plot).

Oliver et al. BMC Genomics 2009 10:641   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-10-641
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