Figure 3.

Cluster analysis of highly-regulated mRNAs. The 534 genes showing two-fold deviation from the mean expression value in at least one of the 5 samples using multi-class SAM analysis were analyzed. ESAGs, GRESAGs, VSGs, and VRs were excluded from the analysis. A. Heatmap. The genes were subjected to K-median clustering of the log2 ratios into 9 clusters, as numbered. B. Signals corresponding to individual probe-sets within each cluster. For each probe-set, the signal for each biological condition was compared to the mean of those signals across conditions (log2 ratio). The biological conditions from left to right are: cBF, slender BF, stumpy BF, PF-log and PF-stat. C. Tukey mean expression values across biological conditions for a single gene from each cluster, as numbered. The individual genes are: 1, Tb11.42.0003, t protein complex β subunit; 2, Tb10.61.1990, ribosome biogenesis protein; 3, Tb927.3.3990, RNA editing protein B6; 4, Tb09.160.1820, cytochrome oxidase subunit V; 5, Tb11.02.5610, GP63-1 surface protease; 6, Tb927.5.390, ISG75 invariant surface glycoprotein; 7, Tb10.70.3560, predicted RING finger protein; 8, Tb927.2.6240, adenosine transporter 2; 9, Tb927.7.6370, conserved hypothetical protein.

Jensen et al. BMC Genomics 2009 10:482   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-10-482
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