Figure 1.

Biological experiments performed to collect material for microarray and DIGE experiments. A: L3-G0 aphids initially reared under Short Nights were separated into two batches, one reared under Long Nights (LN: 12 h of light, and 12 h of night) and the other remaining under SN conditions. For microarray experiments, when aphid reached L4-G0 and WA-G0 (Wingless Adult -- G0) stages, 25 aphids per batch were collected and immediately frozen. Once remaining, WA-G0 individuals began to lay their offspring; one L1-G1 was kept per adult (one L1 per plant) and stages L2-G1 and L4-G1 stages were collected (25 aphids per batch) and immediately frozen. Similar but independent experiments were performed to collect material for DIGE analyzes. Aphids were collected at only 2 stages (L4-G0 and L2-G1) for proteomic analyzes. B: as in A, except that the induction was initiated in L1-G1 generation.

Le Trionnaire et al. BMC Genomics 2009 10:456   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-10-456
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