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New Cassette Exons and Skipped Exons. The first Worksheet of this MS Excel file contains the genomic locations (by chromosome number and position) and the identities of the supporting reads for each end of the 912 new cassette exons found inside of a RefSeq intron identified by the stringent AceView alignment of the 3.6 million reads for the MAQC A and B samples generated in this study. The second Worksheet contains the locations of the 249 novel candidate cassette exons that had not been previously identified by either RefSeq or AceView. The third and fourth Worksheets provide the genomic locations and supporting reads of the 504 new skipped exons absent in RefSeq and the 192 novel skipped exons missing from both RefSeq and AceView. The sequences for the supporting reads for each exon boundary can be found in the Short Read Archives Accession Number [NCBI:SRA003647] with the assistance of the Supplementary Table in the Additional file 1. The last two Worksheets provide a list of diseases associated with the gene loci where these new cassette and skipped exons are found.

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Mane et al. BMC Genomics 2009 10:264   doi:10.1186/1471-2164-10-264