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Table S1. Inference of mRNA abundance regulation by cis-elements or trans-factors. This is a tab delimited table, the first row contains column headings. 'Cosegregating marker' – DNA marker ID that co-segregates with the gene underlying the 'Probe set'. 'Probe Set' – Affymetrix' Barley1 GeneChip probe set ID. 'DNA marker chromosome' and 'DNA marker position' – 'Cosegregating marker' locus parameters. 'mRNA abundance QTL chromosome', 'mRNA abundance QTL position' and 'LRS' – mRNA abundance QTL parameters of the gene underlying 'Probe set'. LRS – Likelihood Ratio Statistic. 'cis/trans' – c – cis, t – trans, inference on cis- or trans regulation of the gene underlying 'Probe set'.

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Druka et al. BMC Genetics 2008 9:73   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-9-73