Figure 4.

A single point-mutation is associated with the lavender allele. (A) Sequence traces for the part of chicken MLPH exon 1 showing the C103T SNP; (i)LAV*L/LAV*L, (ii) LAV*N/LAV*L, (iii) LAV*N/LAV*N. Reading frame is +1, and respective amino acids are shown above the first base pair in a codon for the homozygous sequences. (B) ClustalW alignment of the wild type (WT) and mutated (LN, GS3 and LAV, respectively) amino acid sequences from mouse [6], human [13], and chicken.

Vaez et al. BMC Genetics 2008 9:7   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-9-7
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