Figure 3.

Diagnostic tests on random samples using the combined method of qOLA_CNV and Pyro_Splice. The x-axis is the ratio of duplicated copy to total copy measured by qOLA_CNV. The y-axis is the ratio of spliced copy to total copy measured by Pyro_Splice. Different genotypes are indicated by different symbols. Genotyping was performed in two ways: genotype assignment on the basis of clusters on the scatter plot, and statistical classification by clustering at 12 seed points using the FASTCLUS procedure. (a) Twelve standard coordinates and seed numbers corresponding to 15 genotypes derived from theoretical ratios in Table 1. Seed numbers used in the statistical analysis are indicated on the symbol. (b) Genotyping of 100 randomly sampled commercial pigs produced by a three-way cross using the Duroc × F1 sows (Landrace × Large White or vice versa). There was perfect agreement between the two genotyping procedures. (c) Genotyping of 159 unknown Large White pigs. The genotyping results by clustering on the scatter plot were the same with those by the statistical method except for two individuals (I3/I3 vs. I1/I3 and I1/I2 vs. I2/I2), which are indicated by arrows.

Seo et al. BMC Genetics 2007 8:81   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-8-81
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