Figure 2.

Comparison of iris disease in 13 months old D2 mice and D2.Tyrp1B6GpnmbB6 mice. A and D show broad-beam illumination, B and E show transillumination defects and C and F show the relative dimensions of the anterior chamber. A-C. In D2 mice, the iris disease involves iris stromal atrophy, transillumination defects and progressive depigmentation with abnormal dispersal of iris pigment into the anterior chamber. D-F. In contrast, D2.Tyrp1B6GpnmbB6 mice show no iris pigment disease, transillumination defects or alteration of the anterior chamber.

Howell et al. BMC Genetics 2007 8:45   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-8-45
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