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Sequencing and genotyping conditions. PCR primers and conditions for generating templates for DNA sequencing for four DLX genes, two intergenic DLX1/2 enhancers (DLX1-2 BR and DLX1-2 AR), two DLX5/6 intergenic enhancers (DLX5/6 I-1 and I-2), and DLX1/2 upstream regulatory element (URE2). PCR protocols are short touchdown (ST) or long touchdown (LT), as described in Methods. The DNA polymerases (Pol) were Platinum Taq (P) or AmpliTaq Gold (AT). For SNP genotyping, primers for TaqMan (TM) or FP-TDI (FP) are shown. PCR primers and hybridization probes are shown for Taqman, with fluors (VIC or FAM) indicated along with bolded polymorphic base. Note inverted nature of DLX5 SNP-6. For DLX5 SNP-6, FP-TDI single base extension probe is shown. Note amplicon for this SNP is same as sequencing amplicon for DLX5 exon 3. Conditions for SNP genotyping are detailed in Methods.

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Hamilton et al. BMC Genetics 2005 6:52   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-6-52