Figure 3.

Sample Attributes. The key attributes that are extracted by Wormproc program are shown schematically. Centroid velocity is the translation of the mean position of the rear two-thirds of the animal. Point velocity is the velocity of each point along the animal's track; velocity is the mean of the point velocities for points 5–13. Track amplitude is the maximum width of a box around the worm. Track wavelength is the length of the sine wave that fits the worm's posture. Bending frequency is the frequency of oscillations between adjacent segments. Flex is the maximum difference in angle between the ventral- and dorsal-most flexion at each articulation point. Time delay is the time required to propagate flexion between adjacent articulation points.

Cronin et al. BMC Genetics 2005 6:5   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-6-5
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