Figure 5.

Group B Sox-domain alignment. Clustal X alignment of DNA-binding domain sequences from the insect proteins and representative group B proteins from other species. The insect sequences are highlighted in grey. Accession numbers of protein sequences are as follows: SOX15 Human, O60248; SOX15 Mouse, P43267; Dichaete melanogaster, Q24533; Dichaete pseudoobscura, TR; Dichaete Anophelese, TR; Sox21b melanogaster, Q9VUD3; Sox21b pseudoobscura, TR; Sox21b Anophelese, TR; Sox21b Apis, TR; Dichaete Apis, TR; SOX1 Human, O00570; SOX1 Mouse, P53783; SOX1 Chicken, O57401; SOX3 Human, P41225; SOX3 Mouse, P53784; SOX3 Chicken, P48433; SOX3 Xenopus, P55863; SOX3 Medaka, Q9PT76; SOX2 Chicken, P48430; SOX2 Xenopus, O42569; SOX2 Human, P48431; SOX2 Mouse, P48432; SOX2 Sheep, P54231; SOX1 S. kowalevski, Q7YTD4; SOXB1 P. flava, (Taguchi et. al. 2002); SOXB1 Sea Urchin, Q9Y0D7; SoxN Apis, TR; SoxN melanogaster, Q9U1H5; SoxN pseudoobscura, TR; SoxN Anopheles, TR; SoxB s. ratti1, BI323817; SoxB s. ratti2, BI323817; SoxB W. bancrofti, CD455919; SOX2 C. elegans, Q21305; SOXB1 H. roretzi, Q86SB8; SOX19 Zebra Fish, P47792; SOX21 Zebra Fish, Q9YH21; SOX14 Chicken, Q9W7R6; SOX14 Human, O95416; SOX14 Mouse, Q04892; SOX14 Platypus, Q8MIP4; SOX21 Human, Q9Y651; SOX21 Mouse, Q811W0; SOX21 Chicken, Q9W7R5; SOXB2 P. flava, (Taguchi et. al. 2002); Sox21a melanogaster, Q9VUD1; Sox21a pseudoobscura, TR; Sox21a Anopheles, TR; Sox21a Apis, TR; SOXB2 Sea Urchin, Q9Y0D8; SoxB C. virginica, CD648628; SOX3 C. elegans, Q20201; SoxB T. spiralis, BG302262; SoxB M. hapla, BU095063; SRY Human, Q05066; SRY Sea Lion, AAR10360; SRY Mouse, Q05738. TR = This report.

McKimmie et al. BMC Genetics 2005 6:26   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-6-26
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