Figure 11.

The segregation of West Eurasian, East Eurasian and South Asian mtDNA pools. Partial map of Eurasia illustrating the spatial frequency distribution of mtDNA haplogroups native to West Eurasia (panel A), South Asia (panel B) and East Eurasia (panel C). Data points represent states in India, geographic divisions in Iran and provinces in China and Thailand. Numbers adjacent to the data points indicate the applicable sample size. The distribution of West Eurasian-, South Asian- and East Eurasian-specific mtDNA haplogroups amongst the tribal populations of South and Southeast Asia are depicted as pie diagrams on panel D (colors as on panels A, B, and C, while the white color represents unclassified M* and R* mtDNAs). The data on tribal populations was not used for the isofrequency maps of panels A, B and C (see Materials and Methods for explanation).

Metspalu et al. BMC Genetics 2004 5:26   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-5-26
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