Figure 1.

The spatial distribution of Indian-specific mtDNA haplogroups (M2, M6 and M3) and their sub-haplogroups. Maps of South and Southwest Asia depicting the spatial frequency distribution of various Indian-specific mtDNA haplogroups. For India, the tribal populations were excluded (see 'Methods' for explanation). The published (full reference in Table 6, see Additional file 1) and new data were averaged to the resolution of states in India, geographic regions in Iran and provinces in China and Thailand. Numbers adjacent to the data points indicate sample sizes. In the case of haplogroup M3a some datasets had to be excluded because the discrimination between M* and the respective subgroup was not possible on the basis of the HVS-I data alone (see footnote of Table 3).

Metspalu et al. BMC Genetics 2004 5:26   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-5-26
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