Figure 9.

Expression of the TDH pseudogene in human tissues and cell types. (A) Expression of the TDH pseudogene in human tissues. The lanes are: 100 bp marker, m; heart, H; brain, B; placenta, Pl; lung, Lu; liver, L; skeletal muscle, M; kidney, K; pancreas, Pa; spleen, S; thymus; Th; prostate, Pr; testis, Te; ovary, O; small intestine, I; negative control, (-). (B) Expression of the TDH pseudogene in human cells. RT-PCR for TDH (top panel) and β-actin (bottom panel). The cell types examined were: foetal osteoblast, fO; adult osteoblasts, aO; pulmonary foetal fibroblast, HFL-1, fF; adult fibroblasts, aF; placental microvascular endothelial, mE; umbilical vein endothelial, uE; alveolar epithelial adenocarcinoma, A549, EA; bronchial epithelial adenocarcinoma, H322, EH; bronchial smooth muscle, SM; colorectal adenocarcinoma, CaCo2, CE; Epstein-Barr-transformed lymphocyte Ly; erythroleukaemia, K562, EK; erythroleukaemia TF1, ET; glioma, U87, G8; glioma, U373, G3; and negative control (-).

Edgar BMC Genetics 2002 3:18   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-3-18
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