Figure 3.

Demonstration of the RHCE(L245V) and RHD(N152T) substitutions characteristic of Cdes. PCR-SSP were performed to detect single nucleotide polymorphism characteristic for Cdes [16] and indicative of RHCE(L245V) (lanes 1 to 4, 110 bp specific product) and RHD(N152T) (lanes 5 to 8, 120 bp specific product). Both polymorphism were present in the Cdes sample as expected (lanes 1 and 5). The RHD-CE(4-7)-D2 sample was compatible with Cdes according to the RHD exon specific PCR (Fig. 1) but lacked both polymorphism (lanes 2 and 6). Negative controls were standard RHD (lanes 3 and 7), positive controls weak D type 4 (lane 4) and DIII type IV (lane 8), respectively.

Wagner et al. BMC Genetics 2001 2:10   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-2-10
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