Table 2

Characteristics of four standard laboratory pure lines with respect to control bone volume before infection (CBV), and residual bone volume (RBV) and loss of bone volume (LBV) following infection
No. Mean* No. Mean* No. Mean*
BALB/cJ 12 6.27a,b 9 4.54a 9 1.73b**
C57Bl/6J 9 4.72a 7 4.81a 7 −0.09a,b
A/J 10 7.14b 10 7.44b 10 −0.30a
DBA/2J 7 6.95b 9 6.78b 7 0.17a,b

CBV Control Bone Volume.

RBV Residual Bone Volume.

No. number of mice.

* = × 10-3mm3.

** = loss of bone volume following infection significant at P<0.01.

a,b = Lines within a column that share the same superscript letter do not differ significantly by Duncan’s Least Significant Range test.

Shusterman et al.

Shusterman et al. BMC Genetics 2013 14:68   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-14-68

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