Figure 2.

Collaborative Cross (CC) strains arranged in increasing order of mean magnitude. A: Control bone volume before infection (CBV); B: Residual bone volume following infection (RBV); C: Loss of bone volume following infection (LBV). Horizontal lines labeled A to E indicate groups of CC strains that carry the same superscript letter. For example, in Figure 2A, strain CC12 is underlined by lines A and B. This tells us that it carries superscript letters A and B; on the same rules, Strain CC19 carries superscript letters C, D, E, and so on for the other CC strains. Strains that carry the same superscript letters do not differ significantly from one another by Duncan’s Least Significant Range (LSR) test. Thus, Strain CC12 does not differ significantly from any of the strains ranging from CC03 on the left to CC21 on the right, but does differ from Strains CC19 and up. Strain CC19, does not differ from strains ranging from CC02 on the left to CC04 on the right, but does differ from Strains CC23 and down. CBV = Control Bone Volume; RBV = Residual Bone Volume; LBV = Loss of Bone volume. All mean values should be multiplied by ×10-3 mm3.

Shusterman et al. BMC Genetics 2013 14:68   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-14-68
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