Figure 2.

Haplotype analysis of a subset of INRA F1 sows. Each chromosomal segment is depicted as a series of marker alleles, ordered relatively to the joint linkage map, RH map, pig clone map and human-pig comparative map. Marker names, linkage map position (in cM), swine physical map (from Sscrofa Build 10.2 Assembly; in Mb) and human physical map (from Human Build 36 Assembly; in Mb) are indicated above the respective alleles. The region from SW259 to UMNP1218 (delimited by dash lines) is the recombination coldspot. Individual sows identity, as well as the breed of origin (LW = Large White; MS = Meishan), are indicated to the left of each segment. QTL were segregating in 910002 (which harbours same haplotypes as her full-sisters 910009 and 910010), but not in other three related F1 sows 910013, 910097 and 910018.

Ma et al. BMC Genetics 2013 14:46   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-14-46
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