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STR loci testing for Mendelian segregation distortion (MSD). In outbred populations, the progeny of an informative QTL mapping family can have any of these marker genotype proportions: 1:1; 1:2:1 and 1:1:1:1. Within each of seven FS families, the marker genotype counts were performed using a Perl script (Written by G. GAO, unpublished). Then , the STR loci were tested for MSD using Chi-Square goodness-of-fit test of marker genotype counts to expected proportions under Mendelian segregation with SAS Procedure FREQ (SAS, 2007) using a default significance level of α = 0.01.

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Rexroad et al. BMC Genetics 2012 13:97   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-13-97