Table 2

List of ten quantitative traits investigated in the hydroponic system
Abbr. Trait Method of measurement Unit
TN Tiller number Number of tillers with first leaf unfolded after 14 days
LN Leaf number Number of leaves longer than 2 cm after 14 days
LL Leaf length Length of the youngest completely unfolded leaf after 14 days cm
HEI Plant height Length of the plant from basis to leaf tip after 14 days cm
SDW Shoot dry weight Weight of shoot mass after 2 days of drying at 80°C mg
RL Root length Length of the longest root from crown to root tip after 14 days cm
RDW Root dry weight Root weight after 2 days of drying at 80°C mg
LRR Leaf to root ratio Ratio of leaf to root length
SRR Shoot to root ratio Ratio of shoot to root dry weight
CC Chlorophyll content Average of 10 measurements with SPAD-502 meter a in the middle of the youngest leaf after 10 days SPAD

a SPAD 502 meter: Minolta Camera Co., Osaka, Japan.

Hoffmann et al.

Hoffmann et al. BMC Genetics 2012 13:88   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-13-88

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