Figure 2.

Lacking of N-terminal X-Pro motifs in Leporid MCP -4/CCL13. All known MCP genes encode a 24GlnPro25 (QP) motif which is required for post-transcriptional maturation and modification of the protein. The Rabbit CCL13 ortholog is unique by encoding a 24GlnThr25 motif (QT). This particularity appears to be shared among leporids, inclusive Sylvilagus. Leporid genomic DNA was amplified using CCL13 primers designed on R-MCPgb. orcuB: Rabbit, subsp. cuniculus, orcuA: Rabbit, subsp. algirus, syfl: Western Cottontail Rabbit, Legr: Granada Hare, Orcu ENS13408: [Ensembl: ENSOCUT00000013408]. The MCP-4 protein sequences of “other” mammals are derived from the CCL13 mRNA sequences listed in Additional file 9. eqca: horse, calu: dog, hosa: human, poab: orangutan, mamu: monkey, aime: giant panda.

van der Loo et al. BMC Genetics 2012 13:72   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-13-72
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