Figure 2.

Structure of sugarcane retrotransposonsscIvana_1andscAle_1. Retrotransposons are LTR (long terminal repeats) consisting of elements within transcription initiation and termination sequences and detected as Gag, Pol, and Int domains that code for CP (capsid-like proteins), PR (protease), RT (reverse transcriptase), RNAase-H (ribonuclease H), and INT (integrase). Other sequences featured are PBS (primer binding sites), and PPT (polypurine tracts). Arrows indicate the primers designed for amplifying each of the elements, and synthesis direction. 1: scIvana_1-SSAP1; 2: scIvana_1-GagRev; 3: scIvana_1-LTR1; 4: scIvana_1-LTR2; 5: scAle_1-LTRr; 6: scAle_1-RT; 7: scAle_1-LTR1; 8: scAle_1-LTR2. Figures were not drawn to scale and were adapted from Kumar and Bennetzen [79].

Palhares et al. BMC Genetics 2012 13:51   doi:10.1186/1471-2156-13-51
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